Borrowing an Educational manager – Effect
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Borrowing an Educational manager

Borrowing an Educational manager

EFFECT Invites companies and organizations to “Educate the Educational Manager”

Effect offers companies and institutions an “Educational Manager” in collaboration with the Educational Funds within the Confederation of Employers, and companies that pay vocational contributions in the Icelandic Educational Center, Landsmennt, Starfsafl, Rafiðnaðarskólinn, Employees of Trade and Office People and the Managing Director of Iceland apply for.

Companies can get full funding for the project and therefore the project for free

The project “Educational Manager” is based on the fact that companies receive grant to be spend on the company specialization of its human capital and non-formal education. The consultant grant covers the company’s education and training affairs. It emphasizes what is well done, develops or deepens the analysis of the needs of the company and it is compatible with other courses or recognized educational programs within the informal education system.

At the end of the project, the company’s two-year education plan is a great tool for enhancing staff skills to further achieve the company goals and to gain a competitive edge in the existent market.

Effect helps you with all this process. If you require further information or assistance in applying for the project click in:   Details>

How to apply?

  1. First you need to enter the application page and fill in an application: Application for Educational Manager to borrow. You shall find a guide for this application however, a document must be prepared with the names and qualifications of the existent employees, alongside with the Union in which the staff are members and send it as an attachment. Also, the recommended adviser should be specified.
  2. If it passes the criteria’s, a contract is drafted. The number of hours of the consultants is based on a variety of jobs description within the company and certain fixed terms. The objective of the project is to analyze the needs of the business, based on the cross section of the business. Only independent advisors who have extensive experience in projects in companies are solicited.
  3. In case of approval of the project, contracts are then concluded, and the project begins immediately after the mutual signature. The project is formulated in full consultation with the company managers.
  4. The consultant then enters in the company and will perform an analytical work. The focus group within the company are established by the consultant. The strategy is the analyze the company and relevant potential funds. A confidentiality agreement is included for all projects.
  5. A mid-term project is held at the center of the timeline, which examines the progress made and introduces the first draft education plan.
  6. Finally, the project is announced at the final meeting with the representatives of the relevant funds.
  7. The continuation is then in the hands of an organization which enforces the education program and apply for the grants in the relevant vocational fund.